Science and Engineering Building: Enabling Works

UNSW has supported enabling works for a new Science and Engineering Building:

Enabling works are being planned and managed to maintain business continuity and to minimise disruption, as much as practicable. These works are scheduled for completion by Christmas 2016. 

UNSW is also planning to redevelop The Roundhouse (E6) during the Science and Engineering Building Enabling Works, with works expected to commence in mid-2016. 

Demolition Works: D7, D8 and E8

These buildings are being progressively decommissioned by Facilities Management. Once they are contained within the site fence, this area will only be able to be accessed by Brookfield Multiplex (the building contractor). Remaining furniture and equipment is being taken for reuse, where possible.


Planning for the Science and Engineering Building envelope

The main envelope and its detailed operational role/s will be developed progressively with stakeholders in early 2016. If main works are approved by the UNSW Council, main building construction is due to commence in late 2016 and will be completed by early 2019. 


More information

For more information about the Science and Engineering Building project, you can attend the weekly campus interface meetings, held at 2pm each Monday at the Brookfield Multiplex site office near Alumni Park. Please contact Facilities Management Senior Project Manager Eddie Swat: for details.